Red Soil Milieu

red soil milieuRed Soil offers children a wide range of programs focused on art and music

Red Soil Art – Red Soil conducts regular workshops and programs on Art. Some of the subjects we focus on are Pottery, Paper making, Sketching, Story-telling, Book reading, Creative writing and the like.

Red Soil Harmony – Red Soil conducts workshops and programs focused on music and musical instruments. Some of the subjects we deal with are, ‘Understanding music’, ‘Nature’s music’, ‘Sounds in nature’, ‘Making of musical instruments using natural materials’.

We would update the dates of our upcoming workshops in our website and social media pages.

Red Soil Celebration Space – At Red Soil, we provide an open-air amphitheater for celebrations. This is an exclusive celebration space for birthdays, parties and events for children up to the age of 14.

Red Soil tribe is a platform for like-minded parents. Parents can sign-up with us on pre-specified topics and once a certain number of parents are interested we organize meet-ups at Red Soil Nature Play

Red Soil extends its facility for homeschooling/home educating parents. With a yearly membership, parents who are home educating their children can use our premises regularly.